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Worried that asthma will limit your life? Believe it or not there are SUPERSTARS that live with asthma!

Did you know there are many high achieving athletes and performers who suffer from asthma? Some examples include singer PINK, Hall of Famer and football legend Jerome Bettis, six time Olympic track and field medalist  Jackie Joyner-Kersee, and international soccer super-star  David Beckham.

Do you or someone you love suffer from asthma? Does it make you frustrated, anxious, or worried that you will not be able to fulfill your dreams? In our practice, we see patients who are concerned that their diagnosis will inhibit their ability to accomplish goals. Yes- asthma can make you sick, slow you down, and cause you to miss work, school and exercise. If severe enough it can also require urgent care, emergency room or hospitalization. However, if it is appropriately managed these flares can be significantly reduced. At Coastal Allergy Care, we get a detailed history, perform a detailed physical exam, and if necessary use additional state of the art testing methods to come up with an accurate diagnosis. As allergist/immunologist’s we are asthma experts that also help identify your triggers and educate you about these triggers. These steps are important so we can help choose the most effective medications. In addition, we also strive to minimize the amount of medication necessary.

As asthma specialist’s we want to make sure you fulfill your goals, live your life, and attend work/school in a happy, healthy manner. Find a partner in your asthma management at COASTAL ALLERGY CARE. 805-482-8989

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