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Teen dies due to accidental peanut ingestion.

We are so saddened to hear this story from Florida. An allergists job is to educate individuals about their food allergies. I’m constantly reminding  patients and their parents,  “Ingestion of your allergen is not a planned event, it’s an accident.  Always carry your epinephrine auto-injector!”  Most deaths or severe allergic reactions to food allergens occur because either epinephrine was not administered or there was a delay in administration.  This particular story is tragic because family and patient were educated on food allergy. This story reminds us that the color of packaging is not enough to deem a product safe. It’s imperative to always read the label. We continue to see research involving food allergy and truly believe an FDA approved effective and safe treatment will be available. Give the board certified allergists at Coastal Allergy Care a call if you need peinephrine injectors and education about your food allergy. 805-482-8989

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