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Did you know that the FDA recently approved the first non-surgical treatment for chronic rhinosinusitis with nasal polyposis?

Dupixent (dupilumab injection) was approved June 26th to treat patients who suffer from chronic nasal polyposis. As you may know, patients living with nasal polyps have a very poor quality of life due to severe nasal congestion, loss of smell and taste. They often go through several surgeries to remove the polyps, only to have them come back! Some are even found to have coexisting aspirin allergy, and go through days long aspirin desensitization in the hospital. The latest studies have now found that patients who received Dupixent had statistically significant reductions in their nasal polyp size and nasal congestion compared to the placebo group. Patients taking Dupixent also reported an increased ability to smell and required less nasal polyp surgery and oral steroids!

This is very exciting news! At Coastal Allergy Care, we strive to remain up-to-date on the latest treatments for all allergy/immunology based conditions. Biologics are available to treat and control allergic conditions such as urticaria, asthma, eczema and nasal polyposis. We have extensive experience in identifying the ideal candidates that can benefit the most with the use of biologic medications. This, of course, entails being very familiar with adverse effects of the medications as well. Our team at Coastal Allergy Care has extensive experience in the prior authorization process and biologic administration. We have over 15 years of experience of administering biologic medications and embrace the new options available to us.

As a reminder, we continue to do allergy patch testing for allergic contact dermatitis and have again expanded our panel of antigens. Our new and expanded panel will be available July 15, 2019. We continue to offer medication skin testing with confimratory challenges when appropriate. We have been able to clear adults and children of their “medication allergies”. We continue to do early peanut introduction for young infants at high risk of developing systemic peanut allergy. Standard food challenges are also routinely performed in our office and our proximity to the hospital and ER eases nervous parents/patients. We also continue to offer desensitization to stinging insects like honey bees, yellow jackets and wasps and continue to do standard environmental allergy shot therpay as well. If you have any questions about what our practice offers please don’t hesitate to call and ask to speak with one of our board certified allergists.

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