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Ask The Expert Board Certified Allergists at Coastal Allergy Care : I have been coughing and coughing for over 8 weeks, but I don’t think I’m actually sick. Should I still be seeking medical attention?

YES, one of the specialists at Coastal Allergy Care! Did You Know That A Cough Lasting 8 Or More Weeks Is Considered To Be A Chronic Cough? An Estimated 1 In 10 Adults Around The World Suffer From Chronic Cough, And It Seems To Be More Prevalent In Europe And North America. It Can Greatly Impact A Person’s Quality Of Life, And Especially Now With COVID-19 Pandemic It Has Become Socially Unacceptable (I.E., “Oh My Gosh, Who’s Coughing?!”).

Why Seek Medical Attention For That Cough? – Concern About Underlying More Serious Illness – Vomiting – Exhaustion, Musculoskeletal Pain – Sleep Disruption – Difficulty Speaking – Urinary Incontinence – Annoyance To Others – Social Embarrassment/Anxiety – Depression

What Are Some Of The Common Causes Of Chronic Cough? – Allergic Rhinitis And Post Nasal Drip – Asthma – Non-Asthmatic, Eosinophilic Bronchitis – GERD – Medication Side-Effect – Vocal Cord Dysfunction – Sleep Apnea

Board certified Allergists Are Specially Trained To Assess And Treat The Cause Of Chronic Cough. Detailed History, Examination, And Proper Diagnostic Testing Such As Chest X-Ray, Allergy Skin Testing, Blood Work, And Pulmonary Function Tests All Aid In Finding Out The Root Cause Of Chronic Cough. See Link Below On An Example Of How Pulmonary Function Tests Are Done: If You Have Additional Concerns And Would Finally Like To Take The Next Step In Gaining Control Over That Cough, Give Us A Call And Make An Appointment. 805-482-8989

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