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Anaphylaxis and epinephrine autoinjectors

Let the experts at Coastal Allergy Care evaluate your Systemic, Anaphylactic, or Anaphylactoid reactions. Our Board Certified Allergist/Immunologists offer state of the art evaluation AND interpretation of your results. This may involove skin testing, blood work, or challenges (food/medication) to try and identify the culprit. Many things can trigger a systemic or anaphylactic reaction. Examples of triggers include: medications, foods, stinging insects, a combination of food and exercise, or at times they can be idiopathic. Most patients who have had a systemic allergic reaction should have an epinephrine autoinjector.  An injection of epinephrine is injected to stop the allergic reaction. We have had limited choices for these autoinjectors but are happy to announce that Auvi Q should be back on the market this year. Epi-pen is still available and it’s makers will also be offering a generic alternative using the same device. It is  important for these devices to be sturdy and easy to use. When you receive a prescription for an autoinjector you should also be taught how to properly use and store the device.  If you’ve had a significant allergic reaction it is extremely important to get evaluated appropriately and have the tools and knowledge to avoid future reactions.

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