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March 15, 2020

CAC patients-

During this time of encouraged Social Distancing CAC has a plan to mitigate crowding in our waiting room. We will begin the process tomorrow, Monday March 16, 2020, and will refine the process as necessary.

Coastal Allergy Care will remain open to serve our patients. It is important that small community practices remain open to serve those in need and reserve Urgent Care and ER for the very ill.

We will continue appointments as scheduled and we will continue allergy shot therapy. Spring is around the corner and we anticipate a pollen filled season. We do not want to interrupt the desensitization process. Since the schools are closed we feel some of the typical “rush hours” will dissipate.

There is a questionnaire posted in the front of each office and if needed we ask that you call in prior to entering so we can triage appropriately. You may also encounter a staff member at the front door directing patient flow. This will be done to avoid close contact in waiting room areas.

We are doing EXTRA cleaning with appropriate cleaning agents.

We are dedicated to the safety of our employees and patients.

Thank you for your patience as we all adapt to change.

Dr. Porch-Curren and Dr. Kanter

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